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The Best Scanner Software Apps Reviewed!

The 5 Best Photo Scanner Software Titles Reviewed

The typical scanner you find online and on store shelves comes with basic software designed to help you scan and perform basic editing images. For those who need more advanced capabilities or who have a need to produce the highest quality from their scanned images, they quickly find that the OEM software included with their scanner is simply not sufficient.

While their are numerous choices out there for scanning software, there are several that lead the field based on quality, price, productivity and performance. When choosing alternative or replacement scanner software you'll find the ability to handle documents and photos vary greatly by provider. You'll also notice that some are geared toward consumers who archive and share photos, while others are not.

We'll examine five of the top photo scanner software titles and examine both the strengths and opportunities for each. In the end, we will give you our recommendation for the best photo scanner software for consumers.

1. ScanSpeeder

For consumers looking to scan, edit and archive a large number of photos, ScanSpeeder certainly is geared towards you. ScanSpeeder allows you to scan crop and straighten multiple documents at once, giving it a great advantage over the original equipment manufacturer's software that is included with most scanner equipment. With ScanSpeeder your imagines are automatically split into separate image files, saving you a great deal of time over individual scans. Want to take your scans a step further? Each one can be saved in archival quality, ready for digital publishing, the web or email. For more control over your scanned documents and photos, you can select them individually, straighten them or adjust them. Even hand written comments can be embedded into individual images and preserved for archiving and sharing. Perhaps the most fun feature is the ability to send selected photos directly to your Facebook account. 

2. VueScan

Compatible with over 2500 different scanners, VueScan is known for its versatility and is often used by scanner owners who have older equipment that they do not wish to discard. This makes one important ability of VueScan is to save the consumer replacement cost over buying new scanner equipment. Value pricing is offered for both their Standard and Professional editions, making it a good overall value for replacing existing scanner software. Although VueScan's professional version unlocks more scanning and editing tools, you may still want a more robust ability to edit your scans. After reviewing other photo software scanner software, my wish list for VueScan would include the time-saving abilities to save, crop, split and scan multiple photos simultaneously, and the ability to help me easily share my images on popular social networking sites.

3. PaperPort

For scanning, organizing, and sharing all your documents PaperPort Professional 14 combines quick, simple scanning with powerful PDF creation for easy organization of all your documents. PaperPort uses the cloud to its full potential to send files easily and securely to users of Windows personal computers, netbooks, tablets, and smart phones. Features includes PDF Creation, Supports OmniPage Workflows (OmniPage required), Capture Assistant with Scanning Preview, Unlimited Scanning Profiles, Scheduled All-in-One Search Indexing, MFP Scanning and Document Routing, Split Desktop and Workspace Bookmarks, Microsoft SharePoint Connector and Network Scanning, Folder, and File Management. You can protect confidential information and ensure compliance with government regulations regarding document security with PaperPort’s advanced PDF security features, like PDF passwords and encryption, let you control who can access specific documents and who can make changes.


4. SilverFast

The makers of SilverFast produce several versions of their software. Each is tailored to fit the needs of different types of users from consumers to those needing enterprise level scanning solutions. Out of the box, SilverFast is seen as quality upgrade over the OEM scanning software packages found in the box with a new scanner.

You'll see the advantages of using SilverFast include giving you more control over your scans and an ability to effectively remove dust and scratches from scanned images. Other advantages include good color calibration abilities, and the inclusion of special tools to handle Kodachrome films. Learning to use SilverFast well can be a challenge, as the learning curve to master it is steep.

While SilverFast delivers on the promise to produce higher quality scans than your OEM software, it can be a bit pricey. Another thing to consider is that a different version of the SilverFast scanner software can be required for different scanners. This can really begin to drive costs up higher as you begin to look at replacing the software that came with your scanner. For the consumer looking to simply manage and store their photos this may be a bit slow, pricey and complicated. 

5. EMC Captiva Pro

Out of the box EMC Captiva Pro is designed to help you easily capture and organize images and documents. This software is geared toward small to mid-sized businesses, and work groups or departments within larger businesses who require document organization and sharing. The best features of EMC Captiva Pro are geared towards document capture and managing. Where functions such as editing, highlighting images, removing images, and removing blank pages become important.

While the document management aspect of this software is its strength, it fades from its competitors when capturing and editing photos. EMC Captiva Pro simply seems to be geared towards business documents and is not focused on the photo archiving, editing and sharing needs of the typical consumer with a large collection of photos to manage.

Our Recommendation:After reviewing all five of the leading scanning software titles we found that the best was Scanspeeder. When it comes to photo scanning, ScanSpeeder offers the best value in price, productivity and quality. You'll do more for the money when it come to managing and sharing your photos, not to mention the time you'll save over your scanners original software. The ability to save, edit and then share our photos using facebook, gives ScanSpeeder the nod over its competitors as they seem to understand what most of us do with our photos today.